Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pagonistic Easter

 Logan's first Easter was at his grandparent Rounds home. It was also his Gram-C's (Grandma Rounds) birthday! We got to celebrate together the re-birth of Christ and the birth of Gram-C. It truly was a wonderful experience.

 Logan and Mommy just enjoying the day off.
 Logan and the Birthday Girl!
 Logan and the Super Grandma!
Logan with his Aunti Candice and Fran


Although Easter has been turned toward more pagenistic thoughts it is always a comfort to know of what Easter is truly about. Brother Holland touched what crossed my mind this Easter Sunday. He lived with God in his heart until the end. Then he was alone so that he could know what it is like for us to be alone.
I am excited to teach Logan of this blessed day and even this blessed week. So much happened in this time. The passover, the sacrifice, the resurrection, the gospel going to the Americas, and so much more. Logan and I watched the Prince of Egypt on the Passover and followed the tradition of watching the Ten Commandments with my family (one of my fathers favorite movies). One day Logan will understand, if he doesn't already. I hope to be there for that day.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Logan's Blessing

April 10, 2011 was what any parent looks forward to, the christening of their child. This was pushed back much longer than I ever wanted. It was so important to Carl and I that the most important people were there so adjustments had to be made.
Logan's outfit is full of history. The little buret was made by my great grandmother for my grandfather Erickson. It is still in perfect shape. The whomper and shoes Logan is wearing actually was his father's (Carl). Carl was blessed at 2 month and Logan is 4 months in these pictures. Does that tell you how big Carl was as a baby? The only thing that is new on him is his socks! I am truly greatful Logan was able to show off his heritage and I hope that he will continue the tradition.
Logan fussed through the whole time before his blessing. Just crying and kicking. The moment Carl stood up Logan stopped crying. The blessing was beautiful and filled my heart with joy.
We were surprised by how many people fit inside our little home after the blessing at the church. We were cramped but comfortable. Good food and good company, who could ask for anything more.

 I am so blessed to have such a wonderful and beautiful family. I am greatful that Logan could be born in the covenant. I love my hard working husband who has given so much for our happiness. I am greatful that the Lord could guide us into having Logan at this time, for there is no greater time in my life than with my little family now. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.