Sunday, March 29, 2009

Skills USA

Carl won state in robotics and automation in SKILLSUSA! He is going to Nationals at the end of June in Kansas City. If he wins this that means he will be going to have a lot of opportunities given to him from some very big corporations. The guy who last year got a contract with the Mecatronics section in Harley Davison. (basically a REALLY big deal) We are hoping for Carl to win nationals and get a big time contract. If this does occure, it may mean we will be moving, but not for too long.

Carl showing off his metal!

Carl and his partner Ben at the competition

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hiking Trip!

Rachel and her new boyfriend came over and we went hiking to the G on the mountain! It was an intense hike! We were so tired by the end of it! But the weather was so nice and comfortable! But we had lunch and came back to Carl and my place, played some an awesome game of life, and watched a movie. Seeing those two with the awkward cuddling really made me appreciate being married. No worries about messing up, no troubles just holding each other, being married really is the best thing ever!

Rachel and Mike


Rachel Choosing a movie

Monday, March 16, 2009


March 5th was Carl's Birthday and March 16 is Brianne's Birthday. It is a tradition for the McCombers (Carl's mom's family) to have 2nd Sunday together to celebrate each months birthdays. Carl and I are the only ones in March so it worked out wonderfully for us. We received many wonderful gifts.