Friday, May 25, 2012


Dear fans, I am sorry for the inconvenience, I won't be available next week and maybe the week after that. First of all I am going on a cruise next week and I got a new job at Lifetime fitness. I plan on sharing all the cool things I learn from this new job when I can.

So here is my quick tip. Most hotels and all cruise lines have a gym available. Go ahead and use them after all the craziness.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Logan, being Logan

A day in our home is rather simple. We first do our chores.
 We do some crafts

We play in the snow when there is actually snow....or Logan just sits there because he can't move in his big poofy snow suit.

 We do laundry (Or strut around with my cloths on his head like a model)
At the end of the day, we will hang out and watch Star Trek on our comfy new sectional.


On our way to Christmas Eve!

Cousin Stewart and Carl

Aunt Danna Lee and Logan

Danna Lee, Mikhail, Brynlee, and Libby

Nativity scene at the McCombers

Logan and his White Elephant. He loves that Bear!

I think he is spoiled...not like he is surrounded by only some of his presents or anything.

His new Mega Block Trucks


Grandma Playing and Logan DAncing!

Look at me walk!

Logan's first birthday! YEAH! Logan can almost walk by himself. He takes one or two steps and then falls but he is adorable doing it. He can say mommy and daddy and bathtub (Don't know how that one worked). He dances to music (his favorite is the theme to Star Trek) and has two bottom teeth.
I am proud to be his mother and am so happy he is in our life!


 Thanksgiving was a classic Thanksgiving with the Rounds. Turkey that was dryer then sawdust, mashed potatoes with no flavor and of course the occupational maggot from mom's pantry. We were in good company and enjoyed being with the family.
We had the chance to enjoy the Rounds family (minus my uncle Randy's family) at my Uncle Richard's home. We also had one of Richard's friends join us. He had some funny stories to listen to.
We then went to my classic Erickson get together and my grandma. Let's put it this way, 28 cousins, 14 aunt and uncles, and 1 great grand baby in this house that once crammed in 8 children and grandma and grandpa. It was a blast. The Erickson tend to go more Swedish in their cooking. So it is always rich, heavy, and good!
All in all an alright Thanksgiving. I did miss the McCombers AMAZING homemade rolls, moist turkey that melts in your mouth, Sweet potatoes that are oozing with butter, brown sugar, and maggot free marshmallows.
Logan and his Great Uncle Richard

Logan and Great Grandma Erickson

Cousin Kirsten got smacked with whipping cream from her dad. There is never calm in the chaos of the Erickson Clan.

Candice and Shalee

Autum Leaves

 Logan and I had a blast raking up our leaves from our lovely big trees in our back yard! (However I did not enjoy picking up the rotted fruit from our decrepit fruit trees.) He was very unsure when I put him in there initially but as long as I was within arms length he was alright after some time. He explored textures and colors and smells! I am so happy for this pretty home which we are able to enjoy poop free leaves (a common hindrance to diving in the leaves in my childhood.)

Logan just started to learn how to stand by himself! So proud of my little one!

Breaking Dawn

Well, there is not much I can say about it. My family and I are not die hard twilight fans but we enjoy the books and movies. I appreciate the movies because I feel they are very close to the books and very well betrayed. ....and yes, Jacob is very nummy. I appreciate they pay him to take off his shirt.