Wednesday, September 16, 2009

School and all its wonders

Carl and I are going to school full time! Carl has managed to get a raise and be pulled up to full time at his work at Edge Technology. We are very grateful for this opportunity for him, but it is really tiring for him. I admire him so much for his hard work and dedictation for this family! I am still working at my Physical Therapy place. I didn't get hired at the book store again, but it is okay. I love the people at my work.
Anatomy is kicking my butt this year again, but I want to do better! I have a far better study group this time who dedicate so much time and effort into this class (helps that this is their only class). They are really helpful to me. I am also taking a basketball class, and aerobics class, and yoga class! I love all of them and am starting to get my shape back! I will have to swimming sometime to show off all my re-inflated muscles!
Carl is not to happy with having to take a Human Resources class. It is one of his hardest classes that he has to take. But I know he will end up on top and do well in it! He, of course, loves and is very successful in all his other Mechatronic classes.
I promise I will get more pictures in when my camera finally gets fixed! For now, enjoy reading!