Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Smith, Ballard, Rounds, Erickson

 Again we had a wonderful oppertunity to have my sister and brother come visit! Last time they saw Logan he was just a lump of a person who couldn't do anything. Now he is just a ball of energy never stopping. He got to play with his cousin puppies. He would get so excited when they scampered on by. Rio and Peru were so good with him! He pulled their hair and ears and they would just run away. Eventually they learned to avoid the little hands and all three had managed to play in unity without any of us worrying about either of them hurting eachother.

 It was also Grandpa Ericksons 82 birthday! Everyone was there! that is 28 cousins, 14 aunts and uncles, 5 great grand children (to my grandparents) and two puppies. that was a lot of people! It was a huge pool party at my parents and BBQ. It was a true success. They whole family has not been together like that for YEARS.

Logan and Uncle Jason. Those two have such a cute bond!

Rio cuteness!

While in the kitchen I hear this call "Let me out!" so we look over and Uncle Jason and Logan are trapped!! Imprisoned for 5 minutes behind bars. Good thing they like each other.
 My sisters and I thought it would be appropiate for us to visit our old schools. Our Jr. High (South Ogden) was burnt down about a year ago. We went to the remnant. As you can see by the pictures, there is NOTHING left except the old school sign. My sisters are demonstrating were the old front doors were.
We also went to Bonneville High and the new South. Both are fabulous schools. All three of us got chills when we went in. I felt like a high school student all over again. It was so exciting I could hardly contain myself.