Saturday, January 28, 2012


 Thanksgiving was a classic Thanksgiving with the Rounds. Turkey that was dryer then sawdust, mashed potatoes with no flavor and of course the occupational maggot from mom's pantry. We were in good company and enjoyed being with the family.
We had the chance to enjoy the Rounds family (minus my uncle Randy's family) at my Uncle Richard's home. We also had one of Richard's friends join us. He had some funny stories to listen to.
We then went to my classic Erickson get together and my grandma. Let's put it this way, 28 cousins, 14 aunt and uncles, and 1 great grand baby in this house that once crammed in 8 children and grandma and grandpa. It was a blast. The Erickson tend to go more Swedish in their cooking. So it is always rich, heavy, and good!
All in all an alright Thanksgiving. I did miss the McCombers AMAZING homemade rolls, moist turkey that melts in your mouth, Sweet potatoes that are oozing with butter, brown sugar, and maggot free marshmallows.
Logan and his Great Uncle Richard

Logan and Great Grandma Erickson

Cousin Kirsten got smacked with whipping cream from her dad. There is never calm in the chaos of the Erickson Clan.

Candice and Shalee

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